Candy Land: The Land of Sweet Adventures

Hasbro’s classic CANDY LAND game is now a gorgeous interactive storybook app. Journey down the colorful road of sweet surprises and watch a childhood favorite come to life in a way it never has before.  

 In this brand new CANDY LAND app, King Kandy is safe and sound, but his Rainbow Maker, which has always helped keep the land sweet and colorful, is broken, and now everything is turning grey!  Is it Lord Licorice who is behind this very dull deed?  Only YOU can help collect the colorful treats King Kandy needs to make things right!  

This delightful app takes you on a delicious journey through CANDY LAND’s most flavorful places, from Peppermint Forest and Nana Nutt’s House, to Lollipop Palace, the Frosted Palace and Licorice Lagoon. Complete fun activities and collect delicious treats along the way! Every part of the journey involves delicious missions as you whip up new treats, bring back the colors of the rainbow and work through activities that will help wipe all the grey away!  


  • All the characters from the board game – Mr. Mint, Nana Nutt, Princess Lolly, Princess Frostine, Lord Licorice and King Kandy 
  • Over 15 mini challenges 
  • Color treats to collect in each land 
  • The Spinner 
  • The Rainbow Maker 
  • Gorgeous animations 
  • “Read it myself “and “Read to me” mode 

The CANDY LAND app is a whole new way to meet the classic game board characters like: 

  • Mr Mint!  There are a bunch of minty-cool surprises in his Peppermint Forest! 
  • Nana Nutt!  She’s nutty, delicious… and allergy free! 
  • Princess Lolly!  Can you resist delicious meadows filled with hard candy? 
  • Princess Frostine!  Her palace is perfect for a cold sweet treat! 
  • Lord Licorice!  His Lagoon is mysterious, dark and bitterly delicious! 
  • King Kandy! He’s counting on you to bring back a rainbow of sweets! 

 Spin the color spinner and find your way down the rainbow road to a variety of mini-challenges!  Land on a grey tile and help undo Lord Licorice’s grey work! Land on a rainbow tile and use your color skills to make things right! 

  • Restore lollipops to their colorful deliciousness! 
  • Fill cones with velvety, smooth ice cream!
  • Uncover hidden rock candies! 
  • Fix a licorice puzzle! 
  • Shake the unique peanut…tree? 
  • Restore the ice pop meadow! 
  • Find the yellow lollipops! 
  • Match the colored sweets! 

Each chapter ends with a special challenge– whether it’s sorting nuts by color, mixing up a special batch of peppermints, frosting a special cake, or more — and a special reward, a candy for your RAINBOW BAG! Collect them all and you’ll help bring color back to CANDY LAND!