Monopoly Junior

Welcome to MONOPOLY JUNIOR. Designed for early learners, this educational app takes kids through the animated world of Monopoly Town! Each roll of the die is a chance to practice numeracy, math and counting skills—pay out Monopoly money to buy attractions, hand out treats, or pay a friend. Early addition and subtraction skills are introduced and reinforced with each transaction.
Every property space you land on, will become a creativity experience—from the Taco Truck to the Swimming Pool, from the Go Karts to the Jail.
  • Roll the die and count the number of properties to advance
  • Collect money from other characters when they land on your property
  • Pay the bank when you land on a property.
  • Addition and Subtraction for each transaction is reinforced visually
Pick which Monopoly Junior token you want to be; then work with the others to buy everything in town!
  • Little Penguin loves the ice and snow – and the Swimming Pool!
  • Little T-Rex likes to stomp and roar for all to see.
  • Little Scottie is playful, loyal and full of energy.
  • Toy Ducky goes with the flow and is always ready for an adventure!
When you own a property, you can fix it up, or create custom treats and experiences for your customers. For example:
  • Paint the Library
  • Decorate a cupcake
  • Build your own Go Kart
  • Make a taco!
  • …and more!
  • 16 GORGEOUS ANIMATED LOCATIONS: Toy Shop, Bakery, Aquarium, Museum, Pet Shop, The Zoo, Boardwalk, Ice Cream Parlor, Roller Coaster, and more!
  • PRACTICE money handling, basic counting skills and math (addition and subtraction).
  • CUSTOMIZE each location
  • TROPHY ROOM displays all the custom items you have created
  • COLLECT M2 as you pass GO.
  • CHANCE cards
  • SCROLL up and down to see the properties in front or behind you
  • A PREMIUM EXPERIENCE- No pay-to-win, no ads, no risk.
  • SINGLE PLAYER EXPERIENCE – Please note, this is not a multiplayer experience. It is a creativity and numeracy experience for young learners.