CLUE Junior and the Case of the Broken Toy

Welcome to CLUE Junior and the Case of the Broken Toy.

Uh Oh! Someone broke one of the toys! It’s up to you to uncover which toy is broken, who broke it, and whenthey did it! The classic children’s mystery game by Hasbro is now an interactive, educational experience for kids. In this CLUE Junior app by PlayDate Digital, you are on a mission to explore the mansion as you interact with the iconic cast of colorful characters. As you find clues, you must eliminate choices and eventually you will discover what happened. Enjoy the dialogue and listen for hints voiced by each character.


  • Single player experience.
  • Use deductive reasoning to solve the mystery.
  • Search 9 rooms in the mansion to solve the mystery.
  • Use your magnifying glass and secret keys to uncover clues.
  • Use your CLUE notebook to keep track of clues and eliminate choices
  • Meet the classic colorful cast of characters (Mustard, Scarlett, Green, Peacock, White, and Plum).
  • Tap on each character to hear the dialogue and hints voiced by each character
  • Hidden surprises and beautiful animations in all the rooms.
  • A new mystery each time!

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