Scrabble Junior

Your child’s first SCRABBLE game! The SCRABBLE Junior App is a brand-new way for your child to enjoy the Hasbro classic board game – and the perfect introduction to the joys of finding letters and spelling words! Kids will have a blast exploring words and building their vocabulary

This interactive, digital word play app brings the four colorful game characters from the classic game—DJ Word, Letter Sprinter, Wacky Wordy and Word Surfer—to life! And, by successfully spelling favorite words, your child will help each of these fun characters move around the board. Complete all the words and your child will get ALL of them across the finish line and win virtual stickers for their sticker book! SCRABBLE Junior. is the exciting and fun way to bring the joy of letters, words and spelling to life!

This brand-new app offers five boards and two levels of play – Matching and Spelling – so it will be perfect for both your beginning and early readers. There’s the Original SCRABBLE Junior board and four additional boards with themes and a colorful world of letters and words that will interest and appeal to your child. And there’s an audio feature for your child to hear the names of the letters they choose, the words they complete and a fun fact for every word!

The five boards include:

• The Original: It’s the classic SCRABBLE Junior. board we all know – it’s packed with fun facts & colorful animations for each ‘favorite word’ completed!
• Kitchen and Food: Matching and spelling words food and cooking words is the most delicious recipe on this board!
• Vehicle: Every type of vehicle is here – from bicycles to trains!
• Ocean:  Match and spell letters to words and bring the creatures of the deep blue sea to life!
• Pet:  Words don’t get any cuter or cuddlier than on this board filled with favorite animals!

Each of the five different boards features age-appropriate words chosen by early reading and child development experts as well as colorful illustrations and animations.

• Complete ‘favorite words’ and help four adorable characters get around each board!
• 5 different game boards, each featuring a thematic world of words!
• Colorful animations and rewards for completing words!
• Compelling ‘fun facts’ animations that deliver interesting, kid-friendly info!
• Win a sticker for each completed ‘favorite word’ and your child can fill in  their own virtual sticker book!
• Over 100 words to  explore and learn
• Delightful animations  keep kids engaged

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains in-app purchases that cost money. Additional content cannot be unlocked without spending money.

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