Guess Who? Meet the Crew

GUESS WHO? The original guessing game by Hasbro has arrived on the app store. Join the fun and you’ll get to know what makes every person unique and how to spot them in a crowd!

In the GUESS WHO? app, you get to play with each of the 6 classic characters from the board game – Amy, Al, Sofia, Sam, Emma and Jordan – as you try to guess the mystery character using yes or no questions. Do they have brown hair? Do they wear glasses? Do they like sports? Remove cards that don’t match through process of elimination. When you think you know the correct card, makes a guess! The more you more play, the more character cards you will discover. Enjoy fun facts and inspirational messages as you make your way through the app.


• Single player experience
• Guess the mystery character by flipping over cards that you rule out.
• Practice deductive reasoning and process of elimination
• Play with 6 classic characters as they challenge you to a series of games.
• Meet the entire crew as you unlock 24 unique character cards
• Both physical and non-physical attributes included for the first time!
• Learn more about the characters.
• Inspirational messages for kids of all ages.


For even more fun, you can purchase the TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS Deck. For the first time ever play against 6 heroic Autobots: Optimus Prime, Blades, Bumblebee, Boulder, Chase and Heatwave and guess the mystery human or Autobot character they are thinking of! Do they like helicopters? Do they have yellow hair? Are they in the city?

• Unlock 24 unique cards from the world of Transformers Rescue Bots
• Features Optimus Prime, Blades, Heatwave, Bumblebee, Boulder and Chase as the characters who will challenge you to guess their mystery character. Also featuring Quickshadow, Blurr, Salvage, Cody, Frankie Green, Huxley Prescott, Dani Burns, Woodrow Burns, Professor Baranova, Chief Burns, Doc Greene and Mrs. Luskey.

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