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Get behind the wheel of the first-ever TONKA app brought to you by
PlayDate Digital, Inc., under license by Hasbro, Inc. This brand new app
let’s you and your little TONKA driver discover the exciting world of
TONKA trucks in a whole new way! A combination of ”physics fun” and
problem solving situations makes each “job” a TONKA vehicle
adventure. Drive and discover different parts of the town with five of
the most popular TONKA vehicles, each highly detailed with workable

  • Dump Truck— Pick up and drop off big loads with a powerful hoist bed!
  • Garbage Truck—Pick up garbage & recycling with the lift and clear every mess!
  • Bulldozer and Ripper: Clear obstacles, move piles, and chop up trees!
  • Helicopter– Powerful rotors let you pick up and move just about anything!
  • Fire truck—Fight fires, blast the powerful water hose, and run the siren!

Presented in side-view, players can control the vehicles in beautifully illustrated environments. While the simple, intuitive controls are designed for kids, the realistic driving effects convey the visceral thrill of driving a big rig! Just don’t go too fast if you want to keep your rig on the road, and “go easy on those hills!”

Your TONKA driver will have important work to do all over town. It’s a BIG town with over 80 jobs and four expansive sites to explore: the Big City, the Big Dig, Town & Country, and the Big Builds.

Each part of town offers unique work areas for your TONKA truck driver to work (and have fun!) in, including:

  • Museum—Deliver ancient treasures to bring the past alive!
  • Dam—Clear it, build it, and work it!
  • Balloon Factory—At least the helium makes the drama sound funny.
  • Airport—From fires to lost luggage, it’s a busy place!
  • Archeological dig—What old artifacts will we find?
  • Dam—Clear it, build it, and work it!
  • Harbor—Build it out and bring the boats in!
  • Construction Site—Deliver supplies and build a tower to the sky!
  • Observatory—Fix the lens and see the stars!

And be ready with the firetruck, the next emergency could happen anywhere!

Other app features include:

  • Easy driving controls
  • Realistic and compelling sound effects
  • Designed for both “sandbox” and mission-driven play
  • Over 80 jobs!
  • Ability to tap, drag, and load objects onto your truck
  • Realistic physics
  • “Real world” environmental effects, including mud and rain, which can be cleared by shaking or swiping!
  • Fuel up at the Gas Station for fascinating facts about each vehicle
  • PUZZLE activities allow users to put together their vehicle while learning what each part does!

    Tonka Trucks Around Town ScreenshotTonka Trucks Around Town ScreenshotTonka Trucks Around Town ScreenshotTonka Trucks Around Town ScreenshotTonka Trucks Around Town Screenshot