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Are you ready for a Spud-tacular adventure? MR. POTATO HEAD stars in his first-ever interactive storybook app – MR. POTATO HEAD: School Rush! Tap, swipe, shake, and tilt your way through the action as MR. POTATO HEAD comes to life in a cinematic, thrilling tale!

When MR. POTATO HEAD tries to get you to school on time, you can expect as many twists and turns as the number of detachable parts on his body! An exciting, interactive saga awaits when you try to keep MR. POTATO HEAD in one piece! This is a story you’ll want to read (and play!) again and again!

Grabbing MR. POTATO HEAD a new hat or cranking up the Parts-o-Matic machine is enough to send you and your potato pal on a wild ride! One minute you’re in his Parts Emporium and the next you could be anywhere, doing anything…

  • Surrounded by gruff pirates on the high seas!
  • Encountering aliens in the galactic void
  • Wrangling a seahorse at the bottom of the ocean
  • OR just trying to maintain control of your slick rocket skates!

Key Features:

  • Delightful, cinematic animations and interactive moments with MR. and MRS. POTATO HEAD on every page!
  • User-driven story with costume and parts changes.
  • Eight fun locations, including the Parts Emporium, the ocean, outer space, a junk yard, a construction site, and a pirate ship!
  • Imaginative play is encouraged with a story that makes full use of MR. POTATO HEAD’s detachable parts!
  • A shake-a-thon finale where you can shake the device to watch MR. POTATO HEAD’S pieces fall apart and then help put him back together!
  • Designed for early and emerging readers and anyone who loves MR. POTATO HEAD!
  • Narration blocks can be swiped away for uncluttered play!
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and Apple TV!
Mr Potato head School Rush ScreenshotMr Potato head School Rush ScreenshotMr Potato head School Rush ScreenshotMr Potato head School Rush ScreenshotMr Potato head School Rush Screenshot