Hungry Hungry Hippos!

Have a chompin’ good time with Hungry Hippo and his pals!

Go on an adventure with Hungry Hippo, Bottomless Potamus, Sweetie Potamus and Veggie Potamus as they travel through the Mountains, the Fertile Forest, the Radiant River and the Savanna Safari. No journey with the Hungry Hungry Hippos is ever complete without many stops at the watering hole to discover new foods and join in the feeding frenzy.

As you go on each adventure with the Hippos you will find different food marbles for each meal and explore the different foods and what category they belong to.  Each food marble you collect gets added to your food info menu collection. Sort the food marbles they ate into the correct food groups. You can even test your knowledge of the food groups and help the Hippos make a balanced plate. Try to help the Hippos collect as many foods as you can from each of the food categories – Proteins, Grains, Fruit, Vegetables and Dairy. Once in a while a treat is okay too!

Are you ready to join in the feeding frenzy? Join the Hippos to collect food marbles, discover new foods, learn what foods are good for you and create balanced meals. With your help, the hippos will be chomping away. But hurry! You will have to move fast or the marbles may roll back into the watering hole.


Single player experience

  • 4 original stories – Hungry Hippos Hiking Adventure, Bottomless’s Bottomless Buffet, Sweeties Sweetest Birthday Party Ever and Veggie Potamus’s Savanna Safari.
  • Food group menu shows all the foods items collected
  • Over 100 different food marbles to collect!
  • 16 different gobble session activities
  • 16 different food plate sorting activities
  • Challenge mode! 4 activities to test your your knowledge of the food categories and help make the Hippos a balanced meal.
  • Fun animations
  • Read to me and read it yourself modes
  • New food marbles to eat and collect each time you play will keep you coming back

Learning Goals

  • Early math and numeracy skills, including
    • Counting
    • Sorting, and
    • Grouping
  • Color names and identification
  • Color matching skills
  • Understanding and creating categories
  • Basic Food and Nutrition Skills and Knowledge, including
    • Identifying and naming the basic food types
    • Creating balanced meals
  • Developing fine motor skills and coordination

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